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Anatomy Lab Unit Two Resource Center

Unit Two Topics

Nervous Tissue
Special Senses
Central Nervous System
Endocrine Systems

Unit Two Schedule for Learning Lab Objectives

  Lab Session One // Nervous Tissue + Histology + Reflex Arc
Neuron Structure
+ Neuromuscular Junction + Spinal Reflex Arc

Lab Session Two // Spinal Cord + Spinal Nerve + Autonomic Nervous System
The Spinal Cord (1) // Spinal Cord (2) /// Spinal Cord (3) +Sympathetic Nervous System + Parasympathetic Nervous

  Lab Session Three // Brain Anatomy + Sheep's Brain
The Brain + Sheep Brain ( Image1 / Image 2 / Image 3 / Image 4) .
  Lab Session Four // Anatomy of the Ear + Endocrine System
Ear Anatomy
+ Endocrine Model 2
  Lab Session Five // Anatomy of the Eye + Cow's Eye Anatomy
Eye Anatomy
+ Cow Eye Dissection

Anatomy Slide Presentation


Audio Chapter Reviews

Nervous System Cells (C12)
Central Nervous System (C13)
Peripheral Nervous System (C14)
Sense Organs (C15)
Endocrine System (C16)

Video Library to Enhance Your Laboratory Experience

Spinal Reflex Arc (Video)
Animation of CSF Circulation (Video)
  The Stretch Reflex (Video)
The Ear: Organ of Hearing (Video)
Science of Sound (Video)
The Choclea (Video)
Choclea Model (Video)
  Causes and Types of Hearing Loss (Video)
The Organs of Balance (Video)
Vertigo: Microsurgery showing vestibular nerve and artery (Video)
Sense of Head Position (Video)
Sense of Balance - 2 (Video)
The Organs of Balance (Video)
  The Vestibular System
The Endocrine System (Video)
The Endocrine System (Video)

Wall Charts

Lab Models

Neuron Structure 1


The Brain #1
(correction made 3/13/2013)
Ear Anatomy
Eye Anatomy
Spinal Cord (2)
/// Spinal Cord (3)
  Spinal Cord (4)
  Spinal Cord (Plexus & Enlargements)
  Spinal Cord (Terminal Structure)
Endocrine Model 1
Endocrine Model 2

Image #1

Image #2

Flow of cerebral spinal fluid from ventricles to arachnoid villus and cerebral sinuses

  Nervous System Poster 2020
  Sympathetic Nervous System Poster 2020
  Parasympathetic Nervous System Poster 2020

Self Examination "Flash Boxes" Mapped to Lab Objectives
  Brainstem / Ventral
  Brinstem / Dorsal Lateral .

Dissection Guides & Tutorials

Articles of Interest
  Listeria: Mechanism of Infection
  Different Interpretations of the Unipolor Neuron

  Fornix of the Brain

Parietal Lobe required object omitted from Unit Two Objective List
Lecture: Unit 1 - Unit 2 - Unit 3 - Unit 4 ////////////Lab: Unit 1 - Unit 2 - Unit 3 - Unit 4